The Jervis McEntee Diaries - October 8, 1885

Diary Entry:

Thursday, Oct 8, 1885 Cold and grey. I put up my stove this forenoon and had Tom clean the hall stove preparatory to putting it up. Sara had a long letter from Mary giving an account of Gertrude Tomkins visit. Just before she left she got upon the vexed subject and gave poor Mary another turn of the interminable Tomkins view of the situation, accusing her and Sara and ending with a request that Mary should invite Joe to come there which she had the good sense to tell her she would not do as she did not want to see him. It is about time for him to make some demonstration, not having the sense to see how entirely odious he is making himself to all of us, for it is evident to me that this visit of Gertrudes has been planned by him. Gertrude asked Marys advice about coming here and she told her that feeling as she did toward her Aunt Sara she should advise her by no means to come. I wonder what the next folly will be. I wrote a long letter to Joe Warren telling him all about my visit to Clinton. We sit by the fire in the parlor every evening and Girard is with us while his family is away. Nannie came up this morning after having seen Ettie off to Boston where she has gone to study the Kindergarten system. She seemed to have many troubles and anxieties as we all have. I picked the last flowers today for we had a frost last night.

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