The Jervis McEntee Diaries - September 29, 1885

Diary Entry:

Tuesday, Sept 29, 1885 Warm and hazy. The river perfectly calm and an Indian Summer haze mapping the landscape. I always wonder now what I am to do for the day, having nothing particular on hand and being in the waiting attitude as I usually am at this time, but I find I am kept busy about a thousand unimportant things. I wrote to Fuller asking him confidentially if he could not have Mrs Warren look at her picture and send me the money for it as I have been depending upon it and need it very much, but asking him to be judicious in the matter and not give her the impression that I am hurrying her. He knows pretty well how I am situated and I dont care much if he does let her know that she ought to attend to this, as the picture was sent away nearly a month ago. Now I will see what will come of this for it is the lack of this money that hampers me and worries me. I also wrote to Farnham from whom I received a letter last night about the birch bark braid. My finger does not improve. The trouble keeps working gradually down and now it has nearly reached the knuckle. This evening Sara has discarded all outward applications and is giving me sulphur. Harry and Julia came this evening. We had not heard from them but Sara arranged dinner for them and I drove down to the Hudson River train at 6.14 but they did not come. There was a train on the West Shore at 7.25 and I sent Tom up to it on a venture and they came by it. Had written us all about it but the letter has not arrived. It is like a summer night and the musquitoes [sic] are so thick I was obliged to put a net on my bed today.

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