The Jervis McEntee Diaries - September 28, 1885

Diary Entry:

Monday, Sept 28, 1885 Went to N. Y. by 7.40 train. Spent a couple of hours at my Studio. Saw Mrs. Winter who told me they were going to send her away in her old age and that she had not saved a dollar. Some one had complained of her, some new comer I presume. I told her I would sign a remonstrance. Met Hubbard in the hall. Had just come from the country and was going back. He too protested against the treatment of Mrs. Winter. My room was crowded, confused and dirty. It always discourages me to go back to town. I felt that I did not want to go back there this winter. My room has never been comfortable since they took my bed room away, and now if Mrs. Winter goes away it will no longer seem like home to me. Went up to Randalls Island to see Katy Burns. Had an interview first with Mr. Jones the superintendent and then with the [?] Mrs. Perry and Katy was brought into the room. She looked very well and neatly clothed. Would like to come home. I went to find out if it were well to have her come home, her coming home entirely dependent upon the influences she will be under here. Came back and stopped to see Mary. She is not yet settled and I concluded to come home by 6 oclock train which I did. Had no chance to get dinner. Hoped there would be a buffet car on the train but could get nothing until I got to Kingston by which time I was half starved. New York was full of vile smells. It was a warm day and to add to the discomfort there was fire in the car I was in and the heat was oppressive.

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