The Jervis McEntee Diaries - September 25, 1885

Diary Entry:

Friday, Sept 25, 1885 I went down to Dr. Smiths after breakfast and let him look at my finger. He said he never saw any thing quite like it. He advised me to paint it with iron considering it a poison but a local one which he did not think would enter the general circulation. Sara and I took up the plants she is going to keep in the house this winter and replanted the two garden vases which have been in front of the house all summer. It went to our hearts to tear out the pretty Nasturtium vine which grew last winter and has bloomed and flourished all summer. I remember how tenderly I cared for the few plants dear Gertrude tended during her last summer, but they gradually disappeared. I am going to abandon my mothers flower garden because nothing will grow there now. She [?] me to do it before her death but I have tried to keep it thus far for her sake until now there is no use planting any thing there. It costs me a pang to make even this change. My father has seemed better today though he is very feeble. The weather has been warm and genial in the sunshine though cool in the shade. Girard and his family & Mrs. Lanes daughter went to Leggs mills for the afternoon.

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