The Jervis McEntee Diaries - September 23, 1885

Diary Entry:

Wednesday, Sept 23, 1885 Mary went home this morning by the Hudson River road, to our great regret. I drove her down while Tom took her three trunks down. It always leaves a great gap in our narrowed household when Mary goes away. When I returned Tom put the horses before the wagon and Sara and I drove to Kingston, I to get the horses shod and Sara to make a professional visit to Mrs. Angle nee Anna Masten at Judge Schoomakers. It was as cold as winter. The wind blew from the North and there seemed to be snow squalls along the mountains. I had my overcoat on but was so chilled when we got back home that I was glad to build a good fire in the Parlor. I let Dr. Win. Crispell look at my finger when I was down town this morning and he advised poulticing it which I have done this afternoon and evening. My father did not come down stairs until after dinner. He seemed very stiff he said and the time seemed to me to hang very heavy upon him. He would rub his lame leg and kept looking at his watch every two or three minutes as though he were only half conscious what he was going, but I am convinced it was for the lack of something to interest him, for this evening I talked with him about the Mohawk Valley and the Erie Canal and of various things with which he had been connected and he showed his old interest and his mind and memory were perfectly clear and reliable. We had letters from Lucy this evening. One to Sara and one to me. John had gone to Fort Klamath to be gone a month. She gave us a description of her house--most luxurious I should think for a place where everything has to be brought on the backs of mules.

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