The Jervis McEntee Diaries - September 21, 1885

Diary Entry:

Monday, Sept 21, 1885 My sore finger has been troublesome today so that I can do little with my left hand. I wrote to Downing giving him an account of my visit to Clinton and a note to Mrs. Conkey who asked an introduction to Julia Dillon. I also wrote to Whittredge asking him if he would not be able to meet me at Shokan any day this week to take a ramble up the stream which comes down from the Wittenbergs. Girard came in just before noon to say that he and Isaac North would go fishing and that North would be here at half past 12. Sara was getting my father's room ready for winter, putting down the carpet which used to be in my mothers room and having the wood stove put up but with my sore finger I could be of very little help. We drove out to Leggs Mill through clouds of dust, the wind blowing it after us and reached there a little after two and fished until after five. North caught all that were caught except that Girard and I each caught one. As Norths people were all to be away tomorrow he gave them to me fulfilling the precept "the last shall be first". North told us confidentially a great deal of the hostilities between Coykendall and Cornell. They seem to be utterly at variance and I should think it impossible for them to do business together. Men were at work on the rail road below Leggs Mill filling in the great sink in the road bed which occurred there a few days ago.

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