The Jervis McEntee Diaries - September 19, 1885

Diary Entry:

Saturday, Sept 19, 1885 My finger which I cut slightly more than a week ago and which troubled me while I was out at Tom McEntees but which had apparently entirely healed awoke me in the night having grown angry and inflamed and I was obliged to put a wet compress upon it which eased the pain. I awoke with a head ache from indigestion and have felt wretchedly all day, but I have been obliged to attend to many troublesome affairs regarding the cow and other irritating matters. Drove to Kingston with my father to see Mr. Hayes. Victor Quilliard came to see about the boundaries of Griffiths lot which are somewhat indefinite in the deed the map of the property having been changed in some respects. Speaking of the laying out of that part of the property beyond Chestnut St. Victor somewhat discouraged me. The grading of the streets according to the map will be very expensive and the chance of selling there seems very distant. Somehow the whole thing looked discouraging and as though in the end the expense of keeping up this big place would swamp all the property. I do wish we could sell this place for I foresee that the expense of keeping it and living here is more than we ought to try to keep up. I think if we could sell it at a lower price it would be wise to do it. I feel better tonight and hope affairs will look brighter tomorrow. Mrs. Van Deusen took tea with us and told us of Grants engagement. Calvert came by the Powell.

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