The Jervis McEntee Diaries - September 9, 1885

Diary Entry:

Wednesday, Sept 9, 1885 Cleared today and has been warmer. I drove down town for my drain tile but it did not come. Paid Geo. Hillard for our winter supply of coal $82 and some cents and settled with Able & [?] note of nearly $300 comes due on the 15th. I am to pay $400 on it. Henry was not there but he came up to me in the street and asked me to subscribe to a new edition of his poems for which I think I have as little need as about any thing I can think of. I went over to my studio and began a little portrait of my dear Gertrude but it seems impossible for me to paint any thing satisfactory. Why do I try. My memory of her is better than any thing I can hope to do, and yet when I think of her she seems so real to me that I think I can paint her easily. While I was at work, Mary the servant came over to tell me Mr. Skillman was at the house. I came over and saw him and Mrs. Skillman. He is still on the Troy Times and seems to be doing well. Mrs. Augustus Schummaker, Mrs. Angel (nee Anna Marten) and her sister Mrs [blank] called. Mrs. Davis took dinner and tea with us. Sara had an interesting letter from Lucy from Fort Gaston, Aug. 30. I had a letter from Farnham to whom I wrote about the birch braid about a week ago. He has written to a man at Port-au-persil near Murray Bay on the St. Lawrence and thinks I will be able to get it made there.

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