The Jervis McEntee Diaries - September 6, 1885

Diary Entry:

Sunday, Sept 6, 1885 An ideal October day, with a clear beautiful atmosphere, too cool in the shade, but just the day for a walk in the mountains. I have thought of the mountains and the days like this with my dear Gertrude and the friends we used to have with us at Scribners and the long delightful rambles we used to take. I have written Tom McEntee that I would go out to his place next Saturday whether John was ready to go or not and also to Janette Hubbard to tell her that probably Tom and I would drive over there next Saturday. I also wrote a note to Lambdin expressing my reluctance to let Grady & McKewen ship my pictures to the Pa. Academy exhibition. While we were sitting on the back porch this afternoon I heard some one clubbing a tree out beyond the road and going cautiously out there found three boys robbing a pear tree. They ran when they saw me but I caught the larger one at the fence a boy of fifteen or sixteen and gave him a good cuffing. He had stopped and caught his foot under the fence which held him fast. I made him follow me up to the house and frightened him thoroughly. I got his hat and kept it as I told him to identify him tomorrow. He begged for it and blubbered and said he would get "licked" if he went without it, but I told him that was just what I wanted and ordered him off without his hat. I hate such a rumpus and excitement and wish I had not caught him, but one must do something with these marauders or submit entirely. I think that party at last will not trouble us very soon. Cousin Rachel is going home by the Powell tomorrow and we are sorry to have her go.

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