The Jervis McEntee Diaries - September 3, 1885

Diary Entry:

Thursday, Sept 3, 1885 My man finished the blasting at noon today. I was much interesting in talking with him yesterday to hear of the struggles and anxieties of a poor, hardworking, conscientious man with a large family to provide for. Work has been slack with him this year on the coal dock and he had bought a house and lot which he fears he will lose and to add to his burdens his wife is sickly and last year he paid twenty five dollars to Dr. Chalker. I always wish I could do something to help such a man. I laid the drain pipes six inches lower than they were before and Tom commenced to cover them up. Mrs. Cornell drove up in her elegant carriage with Miss Cooper and I went in to see them in my ragged coat and working garb, and amused them by holding out my hat for a penny. It has been a cool, lovely day but this evening there are indications of rain. Calvert left this morning. I drove him up to the station. I awoke feeling very badly. My head ached and has felt badly all day. A little indigestion I think the result of a little cold. Cousin Rachel is sick also and did not come down to dinner or tea. There is an account in todays Tribune of the shooting of a man in Duchess Co. by [?] younger brother and Frank Andersons wifes father. He seems to have got into a passion and deliberately shot the man twice, for pasturing his cows in the road near his farm. What trouble he has brought upon himself and his children by his violent temper. Cousin Rachel would be distressed if she knew it as Frank's wife is there with her children. What trouble people make for themselves when a little patience might have spared it all.

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