The Jervis McEntee Diaries - September 1, 1885

Diary Entry:

Tuesday, Sept 1, 1885 We are at work on the drain from the cellar and I have been to see a man about blasting it deeper. Received a letter from Fuller today containing his check for $200 on his picture. He was satisfied with the price. He said he had heard Mrs. Warrens picture had arrived and was still in the box at her house in the city and she preferred not to open it until she came to town. This will not be until Oct. 1st I judge from what she wrote me and I presume I am not to be paid for it until then. This does not suit me at all and I do not like it. She has not even told me of its arrival and I wrote her I should be anxious to hear how she liked it, besides I want the money to pay debts which I have been waiting to discharge with this money. This disappoints and discourages me but I will try to wait as long as I can. Mary, Sara, my father and I took a ride this afternoon. We went down to Poukhockie and while Sara was calling on a patient we drove around to call on the Cranes but only saw Henrys wife, all the rest of them having gone up to the Hotel Kaaterskill for the day. Seeing Mr. & Mrs. Abbey sitting on their porch we drove there and made a call, my father not getting out of the wagon and Mr. Abbey not being able to go down to see him. We called it a call at "long range". Calvert did not return to N. Y. today. He is absorbed in a study for the Grant monument and for arranging the grounds and can think and talk of nothing else. I have a half discouraged feeling owing to the disarrangement of my plans in not receiving the money for my pictures. A letter from Tom McEntee today in answer to mine wanting John and me to come out. Just as we drove out today we met Mrs. Augustus Broadhead and Mrs. Scoull nee Sarah Tremper on their way to call on us and Sara and I called on them this evening. We thought the daughters manner any thing but agreeable.

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