The Jervis McEntee Diaries - August 25, 1885

Diary Entry:

Tuesday, Aug 25, 1885 It has rained all day with the energy of an old fashioned North Easter and has been so cold that I was obliged to put on my winter suit. I built a fire in the parlor after dinner and we sat there and read and talked as we used to in such rainy days. My father did not get up until after dinner and he sat with us. He said he felt very stiff today and he did seem very feeble and helpless. I went down to the Post Office after breakfast and got a letter from Mrs. Warren. She has finally, after thinking over it for nearly a fortnight concluded to have me send her picture to their City House. I wrote her today I would send it tomorrow if the weather were favorable and I sent her the price $600 and the frame $30. I hope there will be no delay or dissatisfaction for I want the money to meet obligations but somehow I have an apprehension that there will be delays, just because I need the money I presume. Such days as this one thinks of the past and the changes and the destructions of the years. I have thought of dear Gertrude, so many things in the parlor recall her, the work of her hands, her [?] piano and the impress of her taste on all things, and remembering her so fondly, sometimes a great wave of discouragement and hopelessness sweeps over me bringing an awful sense of the vanity and futility of life. It is well for me to refrain from looking too far ahead.

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