The Jervis McEntee Diaries - August 22, 1885

Diary Entry:

Saturday, Aug 22, 1885 Very close and hot this morning. I went down to the Post Office after gathering vegetables from the garden for Imma as I usually do immediately after breakfast, and to my great satisfaction received a note from Hanna & Ives of Detroit containing a check for $200 for the picture sold to Mr. Mitchell last spring, which I immediately sent to my bank in N. Y. I have been out of money for some time waiting for what is due me and this was very welcome. After I got home a telegram came from Weir saying he would leave N. Y. on the 10.30 train and would spend an hour with me. I drove down and met him at the ferry and he dined with us, after which he went over to my studio to see Mrs. Warrens picture and then I drove him up to the train for the Mountain House. It has been a warm day and I have done nothing, but this evening the wind is from the North and the temperature is very agreeable. Mary, Sara and I have been sitting on the front porch discussing some wearing and worrying topics but the only conclusion is wait and be as patient as possible. Weir told me that Mrs. Custer is up at Mrs. Wheelers and that he and his wife are invited there to dinner tomorrow to meet her and Adam Badeau. Our two little calves were taken away by the butcher yesterday while I was in N. Y. I missed the poor little stupid things this morning when I went down to the barn.

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