The Jervis McEntee Diaries - August 21, 1885

Diary Entry:

Friday, Aug 21, 1885 Went to N. Y. this morning with the 7.40 train. Had a cool and pleasant ride. Went directly to my studio where Sam Coykendall joined me a few minutes after my arrival. He bought a small picture I painted last spring, a late Autumn on Spruce Creek, or rather based on a sketch I made there for which he is to pay me $250. He went away shortly after selecting the picture and said nothing about our negotiations concerning the property here, as I thought perhaps he might, and of course I did not refer to it. Then I went and lunched at the Vienna Bakery and having nearly two hours on my hands strolled leisurely down Broadway and came back home from the Jay St. Station in the 3.45 train. It rained when I reached Kingston but Tom met me there with the team to my great relief. The janitor at the Studio Building told me that the only two artists there were Guy and Feuchsel. I was thankful I was not obliged to work in my studio. It would be for me simply impossible. I am sure there could be no heart or soul or even body in any thing I could produce there. I am afraid both Guy and Feuchsel are not able to leave town.

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