The Jervis McEntee Diaries - August 20, 1885

Diary Entry:

Thursday, Aug 20, 1885 Still the Autumnal weather and the cool North wind what seems to me perfect weather. Certainly we ought to try to be content on such days. Miss White, to whom Charlie McEntee was engaged came up and dined with us and spent the day. I had never known her and as far as I know have only seen her once before. She seemed a very nice and agreeable woman. We went to ride at four o'clock taking her, my father, Sara & Mary and Dwight. It was very amusing to see Dwight come and try to tell his grandfather the horses had come and to see him hand him his crutches to go to the wagons. We drove out to the Flat-bush hill and by the river road to the Strand where we left Miss White and got home at tea time. Mr & Mrs. Taylor were to come up to see my father but they were detained and Mr. Taylor came later in the evening, an amiable happy man who tries I think to make others happy. I go to New York tomorrow morning to meet Sam Coykendall at my Studio.

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