The Jervis McEntee Diaries - August 19, 1885

Diary Entry:

Wednesday, Aug 19, 1885 Beautiful moonlight nights after the pleasant days. Calvert enjoyed his day here and went away by the 4.25 train. It is a trial to him to be obliged to remain in town but he never grumbles or complains. I had a letter from Weir explaining why Louise did not come but I hear nothing from Mrs. Warren about her picture which awaits her orders. Sam Coykendall called to see about getting a picture for a wedding present and staid a long time and told us about the accident to his brother on Lake Minnetonka. I am to meet him at my studio in N. Y. on Friday. I half fancy he wants to renew negotiations about buying our place but it is only a fancy. I had dismissed it from my mind. A letter came from Lucy tonight giving a very interesting account of their journey to their new port, Fort Gaston, Cal. I should think it a very interesting place from her account. We had our first watermelon from the garden today for dinner, a very good one. Accomplished a long dreaded task today in burning out the sitting room chimney. There seemed very little in it however, contrary to my expectation. Eastman Johnson, his wife and Ethel were to have sailed for Europe today.

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