The Jervis McEntee Diaries - August 14, 1885

Diary Entry:

Friday, Aug 14, 1885 The sun came up gloriously this morning and as they are all rather late for me I took a short stroll before breakfast. After breakfast, Dora, Miss Knox and I went over to Mrs. Thurbers and heard Miss Margulies play most delightfully, selections from Beethoven, Schubert, Chopin etc. Took a walk before dinner out beyond Parkers and came away after being urged to stay another day, at 3 oclock. At Phoenicia a car off the track delayed us an hour but I reached home in time for tea and my father, Sara and Mary, our sole family were glad to see me. Found a letter from a Mrs. Gilbert of Hartford wishing to study with me. Wrote to Mrs. Wheeler.

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