The Jervis McEntee Diaries - August 13, 1885

Diary Entry:

Thursday, Aug 13, 1885 We were up early this morning and breakfasted before six o'clock and then Sara and I accompanied Alice and her two children over the river to take the 7 oclock train for Albany on her way home to Boston. Marion went a little later to Lake George and I took the noon train to visit Mrs. Wheeler my invitation at Tannersville. It was a very hot day. While we were waiting in the train at the West Shore Station I overheard two ladies who sat in front of me tell some friends about Mrs. Thurbers beautiful cottage and the charms of all that region and that "McEntee and Gifford had pronounced it the most interesting part of the Mountains.["] At Phoenecia a brisk shower burst upon us and it rained nearly all the way to Tannersville and very hard when we reached there. Mrs. Thurbers coachman met me with a covered buggy and drove me to Mrs. Wheelers where I met Mrs. Weir and Edith come over from the Mountain House to spend the day, Dora and Miss Knox a niece of Deforest. Later in the day Mrs. Porter and her daughter [?] arrived. The rain cleared off toward evening and we spent a very pleasant evening together. I went over to Mrs. Thurbers to sleep.

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