The Jervis McEntee Diaries - August 12, 1885

Diary Entry:

Wednesday, Aug 12, 1885 Last night was the most trying one of the summer thus far, hot and close with plenty of mosquitoes. Today has been hot but there has been a breeze. I painted a little on my picture and this forenoon wrote to Mrs. Warren that I had finished it and awaited her order. I hear nothing from Fuller to whom I sent his picture last Friday. He may be absent. Neither do I hear from Detroit. Two hundred dollars due on July 22 from a banker does not come and I am out of money. However as long as I have it owing to me I do not worry. I have now earned a thousand dollars since the first of July. Sara went to a tea party at Miss Forsyths this evening. Mrs. Lindsley was there and she spoke of dear Gertrude and said she would never be forgotten. She said she so often heard her spoken of and always with admiration. Indeed she never will be forgotten by any one who ever knew her. What a blessed memory to leave behind her and how rare. Hiram Hatheway and his son a young man called this afternoon. They had come to attend his brother Will Hathaways funeral yesterday. Cousin Rachel went over to Fairview this morning and tomorrow morning Alice and her two children go home; Marion goes to join Julia and Harry at Lake George and thence to the Adirondacs and I am going to visit Mrs. Wheeler in a day at Tannersville.

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