The Jervis McEntee Diaries - August 11, 1885

Diary Entry:

Tuesday, Aug 11, 1885 The morning was close with promise of rain. I went to my studio and painted on Mrs. Warrens picture and I think I have it nearly done. Just before dinner I went down to Johns to see what the decision was about going to Annie Nortons pic-nic at the Binnewater and we decided to go if it did not actually rain, as we had arranged. Sara, Alice, Girards wife and I went up to the station with the 2 o'clock car and met Nannie, Miss Tremper, Lily, Mrs. Livingston and her two daughters. We took the 2.30 freight train which Fred had arranged to have stop for us at the lake. We had seats in a baggage car and were soon there where we found Fred, Annie, Annie Lee, Julia and Freds nephew. It was a hot, close day but there was a cool breeze from the South over the lake and it was very comfortable. We had our supper, boiled some corn and made coffee and got through with it just in time to walk down to the station for the 7.15 train. It sprinkled just as the train came and there was every prospect of the usual pic-nic shower but we got home without getting wet for once although it sprinkled a little when we left the train. I had a letter from Weir. They had written him from the Mountain House of their call here on their way which they seemed to have enjoyed. I also had a letter from Mrs. Wheeler urging me to come up to visit them on Thursday and to stay over night. Mrs. Weir was coming that day to make them a visit. I wrote her that I would come up by the noon train. Wrote to Weir.

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