The Jervis McEntee Diaries - August 9, 1885

Diary Entry:

Sunday, Aug 9, 1885 An ideal day such as one expects in September with a beautiful clear but soft atmosphere. The mountains looking charming and most inviting. I think Mrs. Weir and Lillie must have enjoyed the view from the Mountain House for it was the day for the Mountains. Alice the children and I went over to the cemetery. The flowers I took so much care to plant there have dwindled to nothing and next year I shall only plant morning glories there which seem to do better than any thing else. Dear Gertrude. I wish to make her resting place attractive but all my efforts seem to be of little avail. It seems a far away dream that she and Maurice and my mother are sleeping there and time is gradually robbing from my heart the pain of her absence but never fills the void she has left there. I walked up to the West Shore Station this afternoon to make some inquiries about Alices return to Boston and find her best way is to go by the Hudson River road to Albany. Alice Sara and I went down to Johns this evening to settle about giving a pic nic of Annie Nortons at the Binnewater on Tuesday. Tonight there are indications of a storm. I want to note this month how many really charming days we have for my observation for several years past teaches me that August is one of our coolest and most comfortable summer months.

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