The Jervis McEntee Diaries - August 6, 1885

Diary Entry:

Thursday, Aug 6, 1885 This has been a busy day. First I drove Alice and Mary up to the 7.40 train and went from there down to the Opera house where I was to meet Johnson the sail maker who was to assist in arranging the drapery. Mr. Lindsley came soon after and we worked until nearly noon arranging and draping the two large flags across at the back of the stage. It is very simple but quite effective and would be more so but for the gaudy decorations of the front of the stage. Then I came up home, bringing Mrs. Columbus van Deusen up the hill with me as she came along just as I was about to leave, had the two horses harnessed and Sara and I drove down to the boat from the 2.09 train from N. Y. and met Mrs. Weir and Edith, Lily and Miss Sargent. They expected to depart directly with the train for the mountains but I told them they could not go for two hours and we had come to bring them up to dinner. Lily looks very delicate but was still very interesting. We were obliged to hurry through dinner and then I took them up to the train for Phoenecia and the Mountain House. I was glad to be able to show them this little attention but regretted they were so hurried. After leaving them I went up to Kingston and had the horses shod and when I got home Miss Watson was here and my father wanted a short drive so I took him and Sara along and drove her home to Poukhockie. This has been one of the loveliest of days. Cool, with a not too strong North wind and all the country smiled in its greenness, which is that of June, the rains having freshened and kept smiling the whole landscape. Notwithstanding all I have a little of a sad feeling tonight, a sense of some thing lacking in life, a remembrance of what is gone.

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