The Jervis McEntee Diaries - August 4, 1885

Diary Entry:

Tuesday, Aug 4, 1885 Went over to my studio and took a look at my picture directly after breakfast. The result was any thing but reassuring, the sky was worse than before. It rained most violently in the night and today the cellar is full of water, the Kingston Creek very high and cellars down town flooded. I drove down to attend a meeting of the Committee to arrange the services on the day of Genl. Grants funeral and stopped at John McEntees office. He took me out to the foundry which is flooded two feet deep and all work stopped. I saw several people pumping out their cellars. The meeting was held at Maj. Cornells office and the committees simply reported progress. I found a letter at the office from Mrs. Wheeler from Tannersville inviting me up to their mountain cottage for a week, also a postal card from Weir asking information embodied in my letter of yesterday. After dinner I went over to my studio and entirely repainted solidly the sky in my picture. I must have got rid of the spot now and I think I have a finer toned sky than at first if it remains so. I wrote to Fuller this evening and also to Mrs. Wheeler regretting I could not accept her invitation. It rained heavily again just at evening accompanied with thunder and lightning. It seems strange to me that I do not feel like going at my painting in the morning but have a decided disinclination, but as the day wears on I begin to long to go to work. I seem to want to do some manual work in the morning and later my imagination seems to awaken. Am reading or rather rereading Taines Voyage en Italie with renewed delight. What an interest is travel to such a thoroughly equipped and artistic a man.

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