The Jervis McEntee Diaries - August 3, 1885

Diary Entry:

Monday, Aug 3, 1885 The first thing after breakfast and after I had been in the garden and gathered the okra and the cucumbers, I went over to my studio to see how the sky in my picture looked, which I again repaired yesterday and lo! the spot was there again, so I went to work and entirely repainted the sky, solidly at the horizon, with fear and trembling lest I should never be able to strike the same tone again, but I succeeded very well and now wait to see how it will look when it gets dry. I drove Calvert up to the station to the 7.40 train. It has rained nearly all day. After I got done with the picture I came over to the carriage house and made a box to send it away in. This took my until dinner. Then I went up in the rain and cleaned out all the gutters which had become foul and put some shingles over a leak. When I got through this I again went to my studio and before tea time had drawn and laid in Mrs. Warrens picture so I have had a pretty full day. A letter came from Weir telling me his wife, Lily and Edith are going to the Mountain House on Thursday and asking me to see them at the train in Rondout. I wrote him I would and invited them to spend the night with us.

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