The Jervis McEntee Diaries - July 27, 1885

Diary Entry:

Monday, July 27, 1885 My two frames came by Express this morning and after gathering the vegetables I went over and put the Fuller picture in its frame which becomes it very well. Then I wrote a humorous invitation to Nannie, John, Miss Lee and Ettie Livingston to come and see it tomorrow at 11 o'clock "in full evening dress, refreshments next June". As the day seemed very favorable with the wind from the North we decided to drive to High Falls as Alice and Julia wished to call on Annie Norton and Lily McE. [blank] who arrived there yesterday. I went down to Johns to see Julia Dillon and invited her to go with us as she intended to go today by train and to dine with us at noon which she did. I took her to see my picture just before we started a little after 1. We went through Eddyville, Creek Locks and Rosendale. The landscape was rich and charming but the wind was from the North and a part of the time it was pretty hot. When we arrived there they were all napping but we saw Lily and Aunt Christina, Annie having a head ache did not appear. They had tea for us at half past give and at 6 we started for home by Lucas' Turnpike and had a pleasant drive home, the moon coming up just at sunset and the air growing cool and pleasant. I picked the first okra today and the last planting of peas. I find there is no use trying to have peas so late as they mold and do not do well.

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