The Jervis McEntee Diaries - July 22, 1885

Diary Entry:

Wednesday, July 22, 1885 A rumpus with the stupid cows and calves this morning in which I got heated, exasperated and exhausted. Tom finally made a pen for the calves in the wood-shed and peace reigns for the present. One of the cows bawled all last night and made herself a nuisance to the whole community. Went over to my studio after dinner and tried a sky effect I saw last night but with poor success. It was very hot over there and the flies were exasperating. Mrs. Willis and Mrs. Hain, her sister-in-law an invalid called in a carriage. Mrs Hain who is going away in a day or two wanted to see my picture and I went over to my studio with her and showed it to her. She was here the fall Downing and I came from our camp and saw my studies. We are having a succession of beautiful and brilliant twilights and the moonlight this evening was charming. We had a shower yesterday and the lightning struck a tree on the side hill, the Freeman of this evening said, down near Holmes St. Genl. Grant is very low and we are expecting to hear of his death at any moment.

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