The Jervis McEntee Diaries - July 18, 1885

Diary Entry:

Saturday, July 18, 1885 John, Girard and I went fishing today leaving here about 8 o'clock. We drove to Hurley, crossed the bridge and went to Chas. Coles where we left our horses. He drove us up to Cantines bridge and left us, John and I going up a short distance and Girard down. The creek was very low and the water clear and we found no good places. We met down the creek opposite Coles house where we ate our lunch and went to the house and hitched up our team and drove over the Marbletown ford and down the creek to a point a short distance below Mr. Bernis where we left our horses. Girard and John remained near there but I went down the creek a mile or more but caught nothing. They caught a few small ones and we came home a little after 6. It was a pretty warm day but not nearly so hot as yesterday. The creek views were very pretty and we had a pleasant day. Found Annie Lee at Johns on our return. Yesterday was the hottest day in four years in New York.

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