The Jervis McEntee Diaries - July 16, 1885

Diary Entry:

Thursday, July 16, 1885 Mr. Cantine came here this morning bringing Robbie back with him. He was homesick and cried and Mrs. Snyder drove him down to his house and left him and cleared out. Robbie looked ashamed but disappeared after breakfast. He is well fitted out with clothes now and I presume that is sufficient for him. I dont expect much from these little waifs but it is discouraging trying to better their condition. I drove up to the station this afternoon and asked Cantine what he thought of my taking him back there but he did not think it best as he thought Mrs. Snyder did not want him while her husband did, and he would see him. Meanwhile I have not seen Robbie since. Saw Thurber at the station on his way to his mountain cottage. Worked on my picture and have it about done, still I shall consider it and see how it looks in its frame. A nice little calf was born to us today and now we have a prospect of some milk. It has been a hot day growing warmer towards evening.

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