The Jervis McEntee Diaries - July 10, 1885

Diary Entry:

Friday, July 10, 1885 My father, Mary, Sara and I after breakfast drove over the creek stopping at Fair View to leave the Buttermilk jug and came home by the river road. It was a charming day after the rain, with a brisk N. W. wind and the country but for the ripening rye fields looked as fresh and green as in June. The roads were a little muddy but that is so preferable to dust that we did not mind it. We were all delighted with our drive and got home at dinner time. I went over to my studio in the afternoon and worked on my picture which I think is coming out finely and I am much interested in it. This evening Sara and I called at Mrs. Willis' but she and her friend Miss Hein had gone to Kaatskill. We stopped to see Mrs Jansen Anderson and her brother Mr. Cornish and his wife and then went on up to the City hall to attend a meeting of the Charities Aid Society. It was rather a dull and sluggish affair and they finally adjourned to the second week in Oct. The wanted to elect me a member but I declined upon the plea of being away so much of the time. A letter came from Mr. Dunlap. He says the hats are not received eagerly by the public, but still he has no idea of giving it up, but says we cannot pay more than a cent a yard for the braid and suggests Windsor, Canada opposite Detroit as a region to get the braid made, as all the Mackinaw braid comes from there.

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