The Jervis McEntee Diaries - July 9, 1885

Diary Entry:

Thursday, July 9, 1885 It has been pretty hot through the middle of the day with a strong wind and in the afternoon thunder showers and fine skies. I went to my studio after breakfast and began my picture for Fuller "Desolated Shrines", and worked until three o'clock getting it all in. I hope I have made a successful start. After that I "braided" a while. Girards wife and children and Marion went on a pic nic to Coddingtons dock by the little boat, which was a success. I wrote to Mr. Dunlap last night telling him of the collapse of my arrangement with Charlie Osman. I also sent two dollars to Mrs Conkey for the burial of the person she wrote of. A letter came from Whittredge today from N. Y. where he had just returned from Pine Hill and found I had called at his room. He wants me to go off some where with him for a couple of weeks. I think this is the first time he has ever asked me to go any where with him. Remembering my experience with him two years ago, I have no inclination to go with him even if I could as well as not. I regret to feel so toward him, but he has grown quarralous and censorious and I am no longer comfortable with him in this way, while I feel most friendly to him. I wrote him this evening and took a little bit of malicious pleasure in declining telling him how contented I am here and that I am busy on two pictures I have to paint, and that I am thinking of going up into the Maine Woods where I can get away.

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