The Jervis McEntee Diaries - July 7, 1885

Diary Entry:

Tuesday, July 7, 1885 Went to N. Y. this morning by the 7.40 train to meet Fuller by appointment. Went to my room first and then to his rooms in 40th St. We looked at the Paestum sketches by daylight and also by gas light and discussed them and agreed upon the larger one as a basis, making the sky incline near to blue. Then I went to call on Eastman Johnson and was to go to Whittredges room and look at a picture of birches he has painted and which Fuller thinks of buying if Warren does not take it and was to meet Fuller at my studio at 2.30. Found Eastman had gone with his family to Nantucket and the house shut up and the family in charge which comes for it each summer, but he was to return Thursday. Then I went down to the Studio building to Whittredges room, but he had gone into the country. Fuller did not come until after 3. Meanwhile I got out my portfolio of photographs and got my Paestum photographs hoping to come home in the Powell, having met Elting Anderson in the street car, but Fuller was so late I could not. When he came he got the key of Whittredges room and we went up and looked at the picture which I liked and advised Fuller to buy it. I thought he might have improved it but I did not say so to Fuller. Whittredge talks "poor" unnecessarily I think, and to his disadvantage[.] I think the stems of the birches a little hard and liney but that is easily remedied. Then it was time to leave, Fuller went down to Long Branch and I to the W. S. 4 oclock train. Meanwhile it looked like rain and presently began to rain hard. The train started late and at Newburgh we were detained half an hour by a slide somewhere close. But we [came?] very fast when we started and did not stop until we reached Kingston. We ran from Highland to the high bridge fifteen miles in fifteen minutes. The creek and the distance beyond from the bridge this morning under the grey light was very striking and picturesque. I slept very little last night, the effect of two cups of strong coffe [sic] at Mrs. Cantines and today I had no time to get any thing to eat until I got back to the Kingston Restaurant. I think I will do some sleeping tonight.

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