The Jervis McEntee Diaries - June 18, 1885

Diary Entry:

Thursday, June 18, 1885 Went to N. Y. with the 6.20 train this morning. It was cool and delightful and the city bright and gay. Went to Marys and found Marion there. Mary had gone out. Went to Rocks and ordered a suit of clothes, then to my studio where I found a nice letter [?] the 9th and had been there ever since. Then to Rogers, Pat & Co. to buy some things for my father, a [?] coat for myself and a pair of shoes and then to Marys to lunch. Found her unhappy and depressed and pining for the country. Urged her to come home with me, but thought she and Calvert would come tomorrow. Went back to my studio and discovered Booths name on my door. He had been there yesterday. Found my birch bark hat there and one for John Andrews. Got my things together and came home at 4 oclock. Pretty warm when we started but soon grew cool and delightful. Found my father awaiting my arrival. He had been out for a ride today. Wrote a short note to Booth at the Albemarle asking where I should write to him.

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