The Jervis McEntee Diaries - June 16, 1885

Diary Entry:

Tuesday, June 16, 1885 Got up at 5 oclock and made a shelf for Sara to put in the room which Alice is to occupy when she comes in July. Then I set Tom to giving the horses stalls a thorough cleaning when I attached the hose to the hydrant and gave them a good washing. When I got through with this job had the team harnessed and my father, Sara and I drove down for Mrs. Davis to go to ride with us but she was busy and could not go, so we drove by the brick yards and the river road and home by the Alms House and through Kingston. It was very hot a part of the time but the river looked charmingly and my father was in good spirits and greatly enjoyed his ride. Miss Ray came just as we were starting off and I requested her to come after dinner which she did. I began a sketch for her, and let her finish it, the view looking over the river from the front of the house. This was interspersed with picking the strawberries and helping Tom with the drain in the garden, which had become clogged. The result is I am "dog tired" this evening and had to carry water for my flower bed. Sara had a letter from Lucy today saying they were going to Fort Gaston in Oregon (I think) next month. Genl. Grant went by here on the Hudson River road on a special train today on his way to Mt. McGregor. From what the paper says of his condition I doubt if he returns alive. It is said he cannot articulate now and the physicians cannot open his mouth sufficiently to dress his throat.

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