The Jervis McEntee Diaries - June 13, 1885

Diary Entry:

Saturday, June 13, 1885 Up a little after 5 and went to work cleaning out the tool shop which I finished shortly after breakfast and then went at the Vinegar barrel. I found that the cider which I had not drawn off into another barrel had turned to vinegar while that [?] very sweet and good. Took my father down town while I did some errands. Mr. Deyo and Mr. Crane came to the wagon to talk to him. After we came home I drove up the street back of Reillys to Kingston and back, to give him more of a ride. The wind blew from the South and it is disagreeable to be on the road. Sara had the sitting room cleaned and put in its summer garb which ends her operations in this line. I went over to my studio and painted another little Paestum study a little lighter in tone. After tea my 75 feet of hose having arrived I joined it to Girards to see if it would reach the flower bed but it came only to the edge of it. Wrote a short note to Mrs. Ruggles nee Carrie Barker.

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