The Jervis McEntee Diaries - June 12, 1885

Diary Entry:

Friday, June 12, 1885 Was up a little after five and went down to the barn and rattled about. I notice Tom does not get up until near 7 o'clock unless he hears me about. This has the effect of hurrying him up. I worked about until breakfast time doing many things. After breakfast we got Girards hose over from his house and attached it to the barn hydrant and I washed all the waggons. He has ordered 75 feet of hose for me and I will be able to water the flower garden and the grass about the house. About 9 I went down town to attend to a note to the Abbeys due today which I renewed, then came up and got my father and drove out on the Saugerties road to the crossing to Flat bush and home by the Alms house. The Saugerties road was dusty and most disagreeable and the wind being with us mad[e] it most tedious until we turned off toward the Flat bush road. That road is excellent and we came home in some comfort getting here just in time for dinner. This afternoon I investigated my cider barrel about which I have been in doubt and to my surprise I found it excellent. I filled about thirty bottles from it. Wrote to Mrs Ely and sent my list of pictures for Milwaukee "Christmas Eve" $600 and Changing Skies $450. Miss Ray called but I was dressing and did not see her. On Monday I presume I will have to start her in her painting. I cut this notice of Mrs. Col. Barkers death from the last Leader. It was written by Mr. Sawyer. She was an admirable woman and reminded me of my mother in many ways.

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