The Jervis McEntee Diaries - June 10, 1885

Diary Entry:

Wednesday, June 10, 1885 Took my father out to ride immediately after breakfast. We went to Kingston where I left the deed to be recorded [?] executed to me yesterday. Then we drove out by the Alms House and down the Flat-bush hill, along the old Steep Rocks road and along the North Shore at the Point. Then we came up to the Strand where I got a letter from Mary, and home. After dinner I proposed to take Park down to the Point for a swim, and as my father seemed very anxious to go I took him along. Poor old Park is getting too old to go so far and I had a good deal of bother to get him home. He had a nice swim which will do him good. The paper for my fathers room came this morning and the man came this afternoon to put it on. Mrs. E. Tomkins and Carrie called. I said nothing about Joes letter. It has been a charming day and my father has enjoyed his rides. I wrote to Lucy this evening and enclosed Mary's letter. She and all of them think just as I do of Joes letter. I sent it and Charlies to her last week.

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