The Jervis McEntee Diaries - June 9, 1885

Diary Entry:

Tuesday, June 9, 1885 This has been a busy day. I worked in the garden in the forenoon and painted a small Paestum sketch in a different key. After dinner I took my father out for a ride, going down town where I did a number of errands. We then drove along the creek road to the foot of the Point hill and home up Columbus Avenue. Then after leaving my father I took Mary and her three children down to the little boat returning to North Kingston, where they are going to spend the week. Just as we started met Mr. Brandon the Notary coming to take acknowledgement of the deed my father is to execute to me, so I turned back and my father signed it and Brandon as Notary witnessed it. So that is all done now except recording the deed. A basket of plants had meanwhile arrived from Henderson's and I went to work to set them out. There were about 75 of them of different kinds. I think my letter had its effect upon them. I put them all in my mothers flower garden which was never so full before. I feel very tired tonight. It has been cool and windy and a fire was comfortable this evening as it has been nearly every evening thus far. I had a note from Downing. He had seen Joes letter to Charlie telling him to cease his business connection with me and apparently thinks about it just as I do. What can any gentleman think of such a spirit.

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