The Jervis McEntee Diaries - June 8, 1885

Diary Entry:

Monday, June 8, 1885 Went over to my studio shortly after breakfast and began a study 8x15 for my Paestum picture for Fuller but I have had to work at it in a desultory sort of way having had many things to attend to. I went down town at ten oclock to go to the Bank, to see Mr. Wood to come up and acknowledge the deed my father is to execute of the lot next to mine and to do a number of errands and to have my hair cut. I always have a talk with Casper. He told me John Lasher had taken the Mansion House again. I went and looked out into the back yard where I presume I have not been in thirty years. It looked very little as it did in the days of the old Mansion House when we lived there. It was pretty warm walking but it has been a variable day. The days are as distinctive as people. No two alike. We have wind and rain and calm and in the afternoon fine with effects of a low toned landscape and fine skies. What an interest in the skies on these fitful fickle days. Win Crispell came over and witnessed the note my father gave me for $5,873.41 which with the deed of the lot will settle our account to June 1st this year. He told Win he understood it all perfectly and was entirely satisfied with my account. Wood did not come and so the deed has not been executed. Lucy sent a letter to Sade today containing another lot of Joes balderdash. He seems to think every one is interested in his private affairs to the extent of reading long winded explanations of motives, and acres of manuscript in merely personal matters interspersed with criticism of all one does or fails to do in his behalf. I received a letter from Mrs Lydia Ely this evening very anxious to have me send all the pictures I can to Milwaukee. Sara had a letter from Emily and Janette. Emily seems anxious about Janette and fears her trouble is not over. Sara removed the last of my carbuncle tonight just ten days since it began. I have suffered very little comparatively from it, I think owing to treating it in time with Homeopathic remedies.

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