The Jervis McEntee Diaries - June 6, 1885

Diary Entry:

Saturday, June 6, 1885 This has been a perfect day. Tom drove my father, Dwightie and me to Kingston soon after breakfast. I went to consult Mr. Kenyon about my fathers affairs. He advised me by all means to get him to deed me the lot of land I wish to purchase and to give me a note for the balance of my account, after having some person look over my accounts as a matter of precaution if I should ever need a witness as I could not testify concerning my own accounts. He said Mr. Vauxs advice was correct and that I should lose no time in doing it. I consulted with Girard after we returned and suggested Miss Crispell as John McEntee as an executor could not act in that capacity. Girard spoke to him and he came to see me about 4 o'clock while Sara, Mrs. Davis (who spent the day here[)] and Mary and Dwightie with my father were out for a ride. I explained the way in which I had kept my account and went over the account of two or three years to verify my figures. He seemed to think I had been more than just to my fathers interests. I also showed him vouchers for taxes, notes etc. He is to come on Monday about the same time when I will have him talk to my father and have him execute the papers. Received a letter from Mr. Pelton. The poor old man seems very sad and lonely.

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