The Jervis McEntee Diaries - June 3, 1885

Diary Entry:

Wednesday, June 3, 1885 Bright beautiful day. Got up to breakfast feeling much better. Wrote to Fuller for paper for my fathers room. Discouraging letter by Sara from Alice. I feel hopeful and happy and as though the summer were to be an agreeable one, because I see my way clear financially. It does not take much to make me contented after all. My father seemed very feeble at dinner time but recovered his usual state afterwards. Calvert has urged me to have a settlement of my account with my father now while he can understand it. I have hesitated to seem like looking out for my individual interests but I spoke to him today about it and about giving me a power of attorney to attend to his business to both of which propositions he readily assented and Sara has urged me to consummate it. I have agreed with him for 50 feet of land next to mine running down to the fence in the woods at seventy five dollars a foot and will have the deed made out at once. I received a letter from Van Derliss today expressing great surprise at my impression that Mr. Union Adams refused to send the articles to Sara she selected. Says it was all a mistake etc. and wanting to send them. Still the circumstances were such that I still think he did not mean to send them. I dont think he could have meant otherwise although I think Mr Van Derliss is sincere in his impression to the contrary. I [wrote?] him this [evening?]. He says I am insured. I also received a letter from Mrs Warren in which she wishes to give up the snow picture and the commission for a companion twilight and have me paint a summer picture equal in size to the two combined. This is a disappointment for I have use for the $300 which I felt sure she would send me now. I should not presume to show such vacillation but I wrote her asking her if she had not better keep the snow, meanwhile I would paint her a picture in accordance with her ideas and if I succeeded she might return the "Snow" and I would allow on the new picture what she paid on it. It has been a cool rich day. Sara is tearing the paper from my fathers room and I have sent to Fuller for paper to replace it. She and I sat in the sitting room and talked over Lauras outrageous letter. It seems more and more offensive and heartless each time I read it, and Sara can never forget it. I would refuse to see her if I were Sara should she ever come here. It seems so wholly gratuitous and so wholly cruel.

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