The Jervis McEntee Diaries - May 30, 1885

Diary Entry:

Saturday, May 30, 1885 Decoration day. Streets full of people and the statues of Lincoln, Washington & Lafayette beautifully decorated and great interest shown. The weather is grey and threatening. Mary & Marion went off on their pic nic. Note from Fuller asking me if I would be in about 11 o'clock as he had arranged with Warren to meet me at my studio and hoped to make the occasion profitable for me. Warren and his wife came first and looked at all my pictures and presently Fuller came. Mrs. Warrren finally selected the "Snow" 15x18 for $300 and gave me an order for a twilight same size as a companion, so that with Fullers order it just makes the thousand dollars additional I wanted to make the summer easy. I ordered a coupe and drove up to the 4 oclock train feeling very happy, after having left my room all in order for the summer, and thus ended my season in the city. Tom and Jimmy met me and I found Calvert here. They had been out to see the procession and my father went along and was greatly interested. It will do him good to see me feeling so comfortable. The hill is very lovely now. Gussie Putman who has been here with her daughter since Tuesday went this morning with the Powell, having greatly enjoyed her stay here.

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