The Jervis McEntee Diaries - May 26, 1885

Diary Entry:

Tuesday, May 26, 1885 Went over to the cemetery and gave orders to have our lot prepared this week. My father, Sara, Girardie and I started for a ride. It was a charming day with fresh North wind and an exhilarating air. We drove up to Steep Rocks were we bought a fine fresh shad. Billy lost a shoe and we returned in time to have our fish for dinner. After dinner I took little Dwight and drove the two horses up to Kingston and had them shod, Dwight being much interested in the operation. Came down by the 7.15 train. It was 15 minutes late but we reached little ferry junction in two hours. Very few passengers but we went like the wind. Found a letter here from Sam in which he says he cannot negotiate further for the property as the price, together with the additions he would want to make would make a more expensive place than he cares to buy. His letter struck me as a weak attempt to make me think he had given up all idea of it which does not deceive me. I shall not answer it as there is no occasion to. Time will show whether my theory is correct or not. I think he wants it.

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