The Jervis McEntee Diaries - May 19, 1885

Diary Entry:

Tuesday, May 19, 1885 Went to the dentists. Weir and Church, who has been in Mexico all winter, came in. Church looks very broken and although he is only two years my senior seems like a feeble man. Weir wanted two of my pictures for the commencement at the College and selected "Midsummer" and "A Mountain River" just finished which Wilmurt sent for this afternoon. I wrote a note of sympathy to Hiram Romeyn. I expected Coykendall might call today but he did not. Calvert and I called on Mrs. Church this evening at Osbornes. Chas Dudley Warner was there having dined with them. We walked down together as far as the University club where he is staying. Mrs. Church fell in Mexico and hurt her arm seriously. She told me she had not been well and intimated she had not enjoyed the winter. They each look ill and of course there can be no great enjoyment of any thing under such circumstances. We saw Mrs. Osborne and "Downie" Mrs. Churches daughter, a simple, pretty girl of fourteen. I think one trouble with Church and the Osbornes too perhaps, is that they are too heavily weighted with their Presbyterian strictness to have a very good time. I met Downing at the house on our return by appointment and we came over to my room together to get the study of our camp kitchen which he is going to give to Walter Mendelson for his wedding present. He voluntarily spoke of Edwinas marriage on the 16th and that she and her husband were to sail for Europe today from this city, but it does not depress him and while he talks seriously and temperately about it he begins to feel that they might not have been happy together. He told me he felt stronger and more hopeful and more command of himself now than he had for years. He returned to Yonkers by the 11.30 train. Downing will succeed in life I think.

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