The Jervis McEntee Diaries - May 17, 1885

Diary Entry:

Sunday, May 17, 1885 Beautiful spring day, birds and blossoms. Gave my father a bath after which he came down stairs and sat on the porch. He seems comparatively vigorous and I think would be very comfortable but for his lameness. Sam Coykendall came up by appointment after dinner and I showed him the map of the plan and afterwards we went all over it. He said he had never had a clear idea of the place before and I think from what he said he appreciated its capabilities--told me what he would do if he bought etc. and I think was convinced that the ground needed less shaping than anticipated. I offered him all between Marys line to within 50 feet of my line down to the fence in the woods for $35000 and the lots on Holmes St for $25 per foot. He did not object or say it was too much but took a rough sketch of the map when he went away and said he would see me again in a day or two. I think he will take it and I shall insist on the price except as regards the property on Holmes St. which I may bargain for. I had a talk with my father before I saw Sam and he entirely approved of what I was about to do and was willing I should sell for less rather than not sell. I went down and consulted John McEntee on Saturday night taking the map with me and he, who is very conservative in his views of the value of land here, said my price was a very reasonable one.

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