The Jervis McEntee Diaries - May 14, 1885

Diary Entry:

Thursday, May 14, 1885 Sara and I attended Mrs. Hiram Romeyns funeral this morning at 930 at their house in 66th St. We saw none of the family and the rooms were dark and doleful. They are to take her to Kingston for burial. On my way down stopped at the Windsor Hotel to see Mr. Bachelder who called at my room yesterday, but he had gone out. Weir came in for a little while but he seems absorbed and has a far off expression when I talk with him. I wrote to Hanna & Ives of Detroit yesterday and today Wilmurts man came for the picture to box and send to them. Whittredge and I lunched together at the Vienna Bakery and afterwards came to my room and smoked a cigar. I showed him the picture I was painting and asked for some suggestions which he gave. After he went away, feeling the force of what he said I set my palette and went to work on it and helped it greatly so that now it is an interesting picture to me. Sara, Marion and I went to Nibblo's and saw Wallacks company in ["]Victor Durand" Rose Caghlan, Tearle, John Gilbert and all the company played very well. I dont like Rose Caghlan much but is well enough.

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