The Jervis McEntee Diaries - May 12, 1885

Diary Entry:

Tuesday, May 12, 1885 Went to the dentists and from there down to Cortlandt St. to get some seeds to send up to Tom. Had a bad feeling in my head and did not get to work until late. My frames came from Wilmarts four small ones and I put the pictures in them. About 5 o'clock while Hubbard was in my room Sam Coykendall came in. Hubbard went after a while when he asked me what we would take for our place. I made him the offer we settled upon when he replied that he wanted the whole. I told him we did not care to sell the whole and that I offered him the part I did at a reasonable rate because we wanted to sell that part with the buildings. That if we did sell the whole that the additional part would not be on the same terms. The result of our interview was that he wished me to make a price for the whole down to Holmes St, excepting what I wanted to retain as an addition to my lot, and also another proposition for it down to the fence on the side-hill. He is to come up to the house on Sunday. I think he means business this time and will buy it at a fair price which is all we want, and I am simply in hopes of making a bargain with him. Downing, Marion, Sara and I went to the Academy to see Pinafore at 50 cents for the best seats in the Parquette. It was pretty well done.

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