The Jervis McEntee Diaries - April 29, 1885

Diary Entry:

Wednesday, Apr 29, 1885 It rained still this morning and the wind blew a gale but it cleared about noon. While I was out at lunch a telegram came from Nashville saying the could possibly get two hundred dollars for my "Over the Hills" and asking my lowest price. As I had written them yesterday practically allowing them to sell for $200 I telegraphed (night message) that unless sold I would not take less than $250 and immediately wrote Mr. Rains the Sec. that if already sold for $200 I would abide by the result. Have painted all day on my picture near Roggens and have it about down. It is not entirely satisfactory but I do not know how to make it better. Wrote to Mr. Raines, Nashville, to Mr. V[?] that he could have my engravings for $175 and to Hanna & Ives that I would send them a little picture next week. A Mr. Dubois Knight, from Detroit called. Has just come from California. Spoke of having seen a picture of the Plains by Smillie at St. Louis, which looked like the region, and showing him my "Plains of the Humboldt" said that was the picture, but had not associated it with me.

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