The Jervis McEntee Diaries - April 27, 1885

Diary Entry:

Monday, Apr 27, 1885 Calvert, Girard, Mary and I came to town with the evening train. A most beautiful day. I would be in the country such days were I free, painting these most delicate effects. When I arrived at my studio found a letter from Nashville enclosing a check for $360 the proceeds above the commission ($40) of the sale of my picture of Mt. Katahdin. Nothing was said about the other picture "Over the hills" for which Mr. Worman said he had an offer. I am afraid it is not sold. I shall need every cent I can scrape together to pay bills and trust to luck, as I always have to, for providing for the summer. Tom, our hired man is to be married and he has asked me for $400 next month. If I could only sell one or two more pictures it would make every difference to me. Spent the evening at Marys reading in Custers Life on the plains and came to my room early. Girard and his wife went to see Dixie. They are staying at Marys.

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