The Jervis McEntee Diaries - April 24, 1885

Diary Entry:

Friday, Apr 24, 1885 We had breakfast at 7 this morning as Marion took the 7 o'clock train for Baltimore where she is going to spend a week with Julia. One can accomplish nothing more by getting up early in the city. Nothing begins until 9 o'clock. I stopped at Wilmurts on my return to order three small frames and was obliged to wait for him as he had not arrived. It is warm again. Yesterday was cooler and more comfortable. I am painting but not with much spirit or interest. I ponder much upon the coming summer and cannot keep asking myself what it will bring to us as a family. I do not meet it very hopefully for it suggests many anxieties to me. I went with Mary and Julia Dillon to a Symphony concert in memory or Dr. Damrosch this evening at the Metropolitan Opera House. Heard Materna and Brandt sing. Some of Dr. Damrosch's music was performed the orchestra led by his son Walter. Beethovens Heroic Symphony closed an interesting evening. Mr & Mrs. Donaldson were in the box with us which was sent to Mary by Mrs. Lewis. I went around to the club a little while. Stoddard, Stedman & Eastman Johnson were at the table. Stedman seems a little fickle in his manner of greeting me after not having seen him for a long time. However this is hypercritical. I dare say I am quite as open to the same criticism. Some of the Centurions are making an effort to get a consulate for Stoddard. Eastman and I walked over together. We both agreed we would like to lead a life where less hard work and struggle and strain were required. Calvert went to Rondout this afternoon.

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