The Jervis McEntee Diaries - April 22, 1885

Diary Entry:

Wednesday, Apr 22, 1885 Called to see Mr. Dunlap about the birch bark hats. He had several made up but they did not satisfy me nor him either. He is going to make one less stiff & formal [?] neglige. He is going to put them in his window in both stores and see if the public will care for them. He seems still inclined to test them fully. I went from there up to the Windsor Hotel and saw the book keeper about Mrs. Leach who called here yesterday. He does not know her but knew her husband and thinks her an entirely deserving woman. I called at the Murry Hill Hotel also to see the steward Mr. Murray who knew them but could not see him. It is very warm today and I have been uncomfortable in my studio. Found Eastmans name on my slate when I returned, asking me to dine with him which I did. He and I attended the "Conversation" at the Academy. There were a great many artists there, among them many of the younger men and great good feeling seemed to prevail. Dr. Joslin died two or three days ago.

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